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Magento Development & Customisation

Synapse Solutions specialises in Magento Customisation, Magento designing, Magento SEO, Magento website maintenance, custom module, extension and plug-ins development, store customisation, form integration and other Magento requirements. Our team of Magento developers renders truly innovative and attention grabbing Magento Ecommerce sites and Designs.

Magento Development Services:
Magento Customization - Module Customization, Premium Theme Customisation, Store Customization, Template Customisation, Form Integration, Migrating Shopping Cart from another Platform to Magento
Magento Design - Custom Theme Designing, Existing Theme Integration, PSD to Template Development, Creating Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects, XHTML/CSS Enhancements, Callout Graphics and Photo Editing, Buttons Integration Fitting the Design Theme, Magento iPhone Theme Development
Magento Development - Module Development, Extension / Plug-Ins Development, Theme & Template Development, Store Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Creating Custom Landing Pages
Magento SEO - Enabling and Modifying Magento SEO features, Configuring Google Analytics, Google Base, Implementing Title & Metadata on Magento Products, On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Promotion
Magento Maintenance - Magento Periodical Upgrading, Template Changes, Email Changes, Upgrading Magento Connect (Extensions & Plug-ins) Modules, CMS Pages, Product Maintenance, Managing Payment Gateways & Google Checkout, Handling Server Changes

Our Team is fully aware of customers’ needs and wants; that is why in every project that we do, we put our best foot forward to make the Web designs not only pleasing to the eye, but more importantly provides a online platform for scalability and excellent User Experience (UX) for your intended market. We give our 100% focus and consideration to every detail in the web creation process; therefore, the resulting Magento-based e-commerce Website receives a great deal of attention from customers. They stand out from the competition as they give off that pleasant and enjoyable vibe. Furthermore, Synapse Solutions has proficient Magento developers, as well as project managers and programmers who closely work together to assist you in achieving your dreams.

Magento exhibits great features, and the team is Synapse Solutions possesses the right skills and knowledge --- producing the best combination that will give you a sure key to building a successful e-commerce website. To get a quote, kindly call or emails us. We are very much looking forward to establishing a harmonious and fruitful working relationship with you.

Below is our typical Web Development Plan for any Magento Website, the most important phase is Discovery to understand your business and functional requirements coupled with strategy.


Kentico Development & Customisation

Kentico is based on Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL that is widely employed for developing high-end solutions like e-commerce and corporate portals. Kentico sports a highly customisable layout and design, which is optimised for mobile devices. It comes with a ready-to-use online store template, enabling the individual to start selling immediately. In addition, Kentico has advanced built-in features that specialise for online marketing, among of which are email marketing, web analytics, lead scoring, content personalization, product configuration options, and marketing automation. It has advanced configuration options such as multiple currencies, currency exchange tables, invoice formatting, order processing flow, and checkout procedure, among others. It is extremely extensible and easy to edit; thus, Kentico is one of the most preferred Web Content Management System Worldwide.

Synapse Solution is the perfect partner for you if you are contemplating on developing an e-Commerce Website that uses the robust .NET framework and Kentico CMS technology. With a team senior and very talented developers, Synapse Solutions is a great outsourcing partner for Kentico-based e-Commerce Website development. Our developers have a broad experience with regard to utilising the Kentico platform.  Our development team is a Gold Microsoft Certified  Partner; therefore, ensuring that the end product is of high quality, user-friendly and state-of-the-art. To discuss your project requirements in more detail, kindly call or email us at the contact details laid out here in our Website. We look forward to meeting and helping you achieve your eCommerce and Website requirements. 

Below is our typical Web Development Plan.  The most important phase is the Discovery phase, this allows us to fully understand your business and functional requirements coupled with the desired outcome.

Some of the biggest brands use Kentico as their CMS Website or as the .NET platform of choice for B2B or B2C eCommerce

Drop Ship - How we can help you setup a Drop Ship Business and Online Store!

Connection to a Wholesale Suppliers or Distributor
• Do you want to setup a Drop shipping Online Business, but dont know how?
• Do you want to resell products from a distributor or dealer?
• Do you have an agreement with wholesale supplier or dealer?
• I have a Product Data feed file of products from a merchant and I want to integrate that into my site.

We can help you integrate the Suppliers Product Data Feed to Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart or VirtueMart platform or any other eCommerce platform. We offer additional services by designing your online shop or developing a new eCommerce website for dropshipping service. The changes concern the final step of customer’s order. A new order will be saved in the database and sent to the Accounting System (or Inventory system) of your dealer at the same time if the supplier supports this.
Common processes include methods which are executed at the moment of user’s confirmation of an order. Next steps of dropshipping integration depends on your requirements. It means that dropshipping request can be sent to your Supplier after you confirm the order in administration.

For example:
You as a Dropshipper have an agreement with your Supplier. At first step the order from customer is saved into your Online Shop and at the same time it is sent to your Supplier. Then the administrator of your online shop waits for the payment from the customer. After payment confirmation of order the request will be sent to the wholesale supplier.
Sending of an order to your wholesaler is carried out according to the beforehand defined communication protocol.
Each product data, stock and pricing is updated automatically by synchronisation therefore it is assured that you offer the same products as your Supplier or Wholesaler.

How does Drop Shipping work from Suppliers?
• Your customers are buying products from your store at the retail price.
• You are receiving confirmation emails from your payment processor – PayPal, Autorize.net…
• You are repeating these orders (or system can do it itself) at the dropshipping company website using your billing info and your customer shipping info, but at the wholesale price.
• You are making profit from the difference between retail and wholesale price for products and shipping without touching or seeing any product.
• They are shipping your orders to your customers and sending you the UPS tracking codes.
• The actual inventory is maintained by the Dropshipping company or Supplier.
• Your store inventory is updated automatically by our program connected to the Dropshipping company.

Steps of Drop Shipping service integration
1. Obtain Product datafeed, a XML or CSV file from your wholesaler to renew product prices and stock levels
2. Decide what parameters, attributes and features of products you want to insert. Frequent parameters are name, code, description, images, availability, amount of item at dropshipper’s stock.
3. Define rules for parameters. Availability – is it necessary to define what is happen when product isn’t available at Dropshipper stock.
4. Decide if you want to make categories in your online shop yourself or replicate XML category tree to your e-shop and assign each product a category as it is assigned in XML feed.
5. Prepare eCommerce Store for communication with Dropshipper system via XML-RPC or SOAP. This protocol must be defined in any document. The main reason is synchronization of orders and their statuses. It will be perfomed by scheduled interval. An email can be sent to customer when the Dropshipper ships the order.
6. Integration & Testing period takes 3-4 weeks. 


Hire a Software Developer

Synapse Solutions is a leading Web Development Company in Melbourne with a well established offshore Development Center.  We provide a complete Online Web Portal, Software and Application development service. We have an experienced team who understands the business and technical aspects of development projects.  We can allocate development resources for any size project ranging from PHP Developer, Web Developer, .NET Developers, Sharepoint Developers and Administrators to meet your project needs, on Monthly or Hourly Contract Hiring Basis or via fixed cost projects. We provide dedicated, cost-effective IT staffing solutions through our offshore facility in India, at up to 40%-60% cost savings compared to traditional on-site technical staffing. We have our Developers and Specialists working on monthly contract basis for clients in USA, UK, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Synapse Solutions provides trusted qualified Development resourcing. Our Developers are well-versed with coding, compilation, software testing, software architecture, debugging, integration, maintenance, and debugging. We take care of every phase of the development phase using the Agile Methodology which guarantees efficient completion of projects with a quality outcome. Developers at Synapse Solutions are all competent and whose skills have been honed by many years of hands-on experience working on a multitude of projects and complexity. We ensure that the fundamental properties of the our high standards are embedded in each resource we provide to our clients.

Synapse Solutions assure you that our assigned development resources will yield great results for our clients at very competitive rates. We are available to to discuss your requirements, simply call or email us through the contact details provided here in our Website.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Consultancy | Development & Customisation Services

Synapse Solutions offers expert consultancy and development services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) delivers a holistic view of each customer that enables client-facing employees to make expedited and educated decisions about strategic efforts in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields.   

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides features that support the sales, marketing and service functions for organizations of all sizes. However, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been designed so that it can be customized to support an organization's specific needs.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extended to store additional types of records beyond those provided in a default installation.    

CRM supports tasks associated with managing the sales life-cycle, which include the following:  
• Managing and tracking communications between salespeople and customers  
• Prospecting and qualifying leads  
• Managing opportunities and keeping track of the stages of deal closure  
• Maintaining a database of product information  
• Using sales processes to guide sales representatives through the sales life-cycle using workflows and dialogs    

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports marketing activity with the following record types:  
•Quick campaigns  
•Campaign responses  
•Marketing lists    

CRM supports following tasks associated with service management.  
•Recording complaints, problem, questions, or other queries (case records)  
•Recording entitlement to service (contract records)  
•Defining services provided and the resources needed for the services  
•Scheduling appointments using the scheduling engine  
•Building a store of intelligence using the Knowledge Base

What do you get with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Access the same benefits in sales, service, and marketing with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, on-premises, or partner-based deployment, including:

Microsoft Outlook integration.

Customer segmentation and targeting.

Real-time sales collaboration with integrated presence, web conferencing, and IM capabilities.

Targeted sales intelligence with inline visualisations and dashboards.

Multichannel customer support and engagement.

Call centre management and automation.

Telephony and computer telephony integration (CTI) support.

Mobile engagement.

Social media interactivity.

Case and knowledge management.

Workflow automation.

Scheduling capabilities.

Multichannel marketing automation and campaign management.

Marketing and behavioural analytics and dashboards.

Outcome-focused, process-centric applications.

Guided, contextual, and social user experiences.

Flexible, agile, and open platform.



We have a strong team of experienced developers and also understand the challenges faced by online projects – We are very competitive with our quotations and produce high quality outcomes for our clients.

Our engagement model is to understand your
requirements and providing cost effective development resources so you can get more done!