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Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Consultancy | Development & Customisation Services

Synapse Solutions offers expert consultancy and development services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) delivers a holistic view of each customer that enables client-facing employees to make expedited and educated decisions about strategic efforts in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields.   

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides features that support the sales, marketing and service functions for organizations of all sizes. However, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been designed so that it can be customized to support an organization's specific needs.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extended to store additional types of records beyond those provided in a default installation.    

CRM supports tasks associated with managing the sales life-cycle, which include the following:  
• Managing and tracking communications between salespeople and customers  
• Prospecting and qualifying leads  
• Managing opportunities and keeping track of the stages of deal closure  
• Maintaining a database of product information  
• Using sales processes to guide sales representatives through the sales life-cycle using workflows and dialogs    

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports marketing activity with the following record types:  
•Quick campaigns  
•Campaign responses  
•Marketing lists    

CRM supports following tasks associated with service management.  
•Recording complaints, problem, questions, or other queries (case records)  
•Recording entitlement to service (contract records)  
•Defining services provided and the resources needed for the services  
•Scheduling appointments using the scheduling engine  
•Building a store of intelligence using the Knowledge Base

What do you get with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Access the same benefits in sales, service, and marketing with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, on-premises, or partner-based deployment, including:

Microsoft Outlook integration.

Customer segmentation and targeting.

Real-time sales collaboration with integrated presence, web conferencing, and IM capabilities.

Targeted sales intelligence with inline visualisations and dashboards.

Multichannel customer support and engagement.

Call centre management and automation.

Telephony and computer telephony integration (CTI) support.

Mobile engagement.

Social media interactivity.

Case and knowledge management.

Workflow automation.

Scheduling capabilities.

Multichannel marketing automation and campaign management.

Marketing and behavioural analytics and dashboards.

Outcome-focused, process-centric applications.

Guided, contextual, and social user experiences.

Flexible, agile, and open platform.



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