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B2B eCommerce Websites & Reseller Portals

If you are like most B2B Companies, you may have realised that the Company Website lacks something when it comes to delivering a great online experience for your Resellers in a B2B model. Resellers are likely to have visited similar B2B Website portals and are going to compare your B2B e-commerce platform and services with those of your competitors’, which is why you need to maintain a B2B eCommerce Portal with plenty of B2C features and self-help functionality. That’s where we at Synapse Solutions can help. If you wish to run a successful B2B eCommerce business and improve online sales revenue and market share, you’ve come to the right place. We bring you the best B2B ecommerce Solutions to help deliver the best possible experience to our customers in the online, mobile, and social media environments.

Every B2B business is different and there is no out of the box solution.  This is where Synapse Solutions develops your B2B portals  for Distributors and Wholesalers to meet your exact business specification and functionality without any limitations.  We assess your requirements and as your B2B eCommerce specialist we make our recommendations to you for selecting the best B2B platform for your business using .NET B2B eCommerce platforms or Magento Enterprise which is a PHP platform with commercial support.

Synapse Solutions also offers Drop Ship Integration services from a Distributor or Wholesaler to resellers.  We receive many requests from clients that have their own eCommerce Online Shop and would like to import product data feeds provided by a Supplier to sell on their own online store.  This is where Synapse has vast amounts of experience to enable any Online store to add Drop Ship products from their suppliers and sell them on their own online store.  We can go as far as sending the order file back via CSV, XML or EDI back to the Supplier for order processing.  If you are looking for a Drop Ship Integration Service, then Synapse Solutions can implement this for your online business.

Below is our typical Web Development Plan.  The most important phase is the Discovery phase, this allows us to fully understand your business and functional requirements coupled with the desired outcome.

Some of the biggest brands use Kentico as their CMS Website or as the .NET platform of choice for B2B or B2C eCommerce

Experts in Software Development of B2B websites

Synapse Solutions can help you make the most of digital channels to market and sell your products successfully to the right customers. We have a dedicated team of expert web designers, solution consultants and strategic marketers to build a successful website using the best B2B platforms. What is good for B2C is also good for B2B, and we have the skills and resources to identify and integrate targeted B2C features in your e-commerce platform to enhance customer experiences. However, B2B ecommerce also involves complex processes and having the right service models to back the offerings made on a B2B website, in which our team at Synapse Solutions is well experienced.

Types of B2B eCommerce Websites

Our portfolio is as diverse at it can get when it comes to B2B websites. We have the skills and resources to develop complex B2B ecommerce Websites, which includes B2B eCommerce sites for Manufacturers, Distributors & Wholesalers, e-procurement sites, industry vertical B2B portals, eCommerce Websites for companies to drive B2B sales revenue and enhance the strong partnership with Resellers.

eCommerce Websites for Companies

These websites allow companies to exhibit and provide detailed information of their products and services. For such websites we also design features such as user registration, dealer locators and logins, real-time inventory, and more.


E-Procurement Portals

We also specialize in custom built e-procurement sites designed for niche markets or particular industries. These B2B sites are used by purchasing agents to submit requests for proposal and bid for and purchase products.


B2B Broker Sites

B2B broker sites are the meeting point for suppliers and buyers in specific industries. They act as a broker between buyers of a particular product and suppliers. Our team at Synapse Solutions have years of experience in developing robust platforms for our clients.  

Industry Vertical B2B Portals

We also have the expertise to develop industry vertical B2B portals that feature information on products and allow users to conduct discussions. These sites have the ability to generate trade specific visitors with genuine inquiries. They are the perfect medium to generate branding, inquiries, and sales online.

Whatever your B2B ecommerce needs, Synapse Solutions have the knowledge and experience to deliver. We have been providing B2B ecommerce solutions to thousands of clients from a wide range of business verticals. To get an idea of how you can achieve your objectives don’t hesitate to call us on +61 3 8610 6883. You can count on us for the best professional, functional, custom designed B2B solutions.


We have a strong team of experienced developers and also understand the challenges faced by online projects – We are very competitive with our quotations and produce high quality outcomes for our clients.

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